First movement

(1, 2, 3, 4) Welcome to this blog!

This blog is about two things: Singing, and life in general in Wrocław and Poland.

An explanation: I work as a singing instructor in Wrocław and as singing is something close to my heart (and I don’t just mean that literally) I thought I’d write about it, partly for my clients.  I have a few tips, as well as a few queries.

Additionally, I am an immigrant living in Wrocław.  As someone not born in Poland I have a few observations on life in Wrocław and Poland in general.  That I also work elsewhere doing conversation classes with the English language and also do trainings around the theme of cultural competences, I have a few things to say about cultural understanding between those born in Poland and those not (though I’d like to know your impressions as well).

So, if you’re interested in singing and/or are an immigrant living in Poland and/or born in Poland and want to know about foreigners think about Poland, this place is for you.

All in all, this blog is not only about my writings, it’s about yours as well.  Please keep in touch (via the RSS Feed, Facebook or Twitter) so we can have a dialogue about various issues.  If you have any requests for articles/articles of your own please let me know via the comments underneath.


About Czarny kapturek

Singer, political activist, trainer, tour guide, Polish beer lover, frequenter of Bar Mleczny, bird-watcher and football fan
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2 Responses to First movement

  1. Leah says:


    My band is coming through Wroclaw soon (we are from New Zealand). It would be really wicked if you could come review the show. Here’s a link to the FB event with all the details:

    And here’s our video clip so you can see what we do:

    Come say hi and have a beer 🙂

  2. Hi there Leah.

    Well, this looks interesting. Luckily I’ll be in Wrocław at this time, so I can plan to come.

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