Jazz in a church

The St. John Coltrane African Orthodox church in San Francisco is an interesting one.  In case you don’t know, John Coltrane was a jazz saxophonist and composer, and was declared a Saint by the African Orthodox church, a church in the US.

Coming from this white, High-Anglican self, it is quite different, to say the least.  Well I say that, but they have many familiar things like icons, candles, vestments and incense.  It’s not like my local Russian Orthodox church, though.  It seems closer in spirit to a pentecostal church.

In any case, regarding singing, I have to say that I like the way in which the Gospel is sung.  Very bluesy and moving.

What do you think of this performance?  Would you like to see this style being done in your church?


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2 Responses to Jazz in a church

  1. Roy_Sciv says:

    I think the fact that you call it a ‘performance’ says it all. His Eminence/ Lordship (can’t tell what colour he is wearing) milling about, now and again joining in with his saxophone, doesn’t really help create an atmosphere of prayerful contemplation of the mysteries contained in the Gospel. I think you are right in that it is closer to pentecostalism than to traditional Orthodoxy, which is why it just looks like a bunch of people playing dress up.

    Then again, I would say the same thing about High Anglican liturgy, and I’m sure many would say the same thing about RC and Orthodox liturgy as well…

  2. Cheers for your comment. Regarding your last comment, indeed. Leaving aside, however the question as to the Orthodoxy or Apostolic succession issues with the church, the singing is pretty impressive. Regarding the term “performance”, well, I don’t get too wound up about that term.

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