Review: Asymmetry festival, 5th of May 2012

I attended the aforenamed festival last Saturday.  I went primarily to see the legends that are Killing Joke.

Photo: Piotr Bąkiewicz/WP

I had seen the last year at the Sonisphere festival, where they were very good but only had a 30 minute set, so when I found out that they were coming to the city I live in I had to attend.  I was not disappointed.  As befits a band where most of the members have been playing together for a long time, they were very tight and the produced a good, hard, professional sound.

Because of this, versions of songs sounded as good or even better as the originals.  “Sun goes down” had me rocking, and “European super state” a song which tends rather towards dance music in the studio version became a rock-out song.  Other favourites for me where “Rapture”, “The great cull”, “Change” and of course “The wait”, “Pssyche” and “Love like blood” were performed splendidly, and anyone with a soul could not keep still.

I say that, as I was disappointed with the crowd.  Killing Joke are a legendary band, but only a minority of people bothered to show their appreciation to the band, and only at the front was there any action.  Otherwise a wall of people with folded arms dominated the crowd.

If you’ve not heard anything by them, they’re worth checking out.  They’ve done all manner of music, post-punk, synthpop, industrial and rock, so there’s bound to be something for you.  I’d recommend the 1980 and 2003 albums “Killing Joke” (two different albums with the same name), “Night time”, “Pandemonium” and their most recent album “MMXII”.

Otherwise I saw two other bands.  One was Infekcja, a grindcore/death metal/folk rock band from Wrocław.

To tell the truth I didn’t think I’d like them, as I don’t really like growling-type singing, but I was very pleasantly surprised by them.  They play a music that is very energetic, with plenty melody and heavy enough crunching to get the head moving.  They were fairly well received; the room was full of men and women bopping their heads with a smile on their faces.  One can hear some of their music here.

I also briefly saw We Are Idols, a hardcore punk/rock band also from Wrocław.  I was quite impressed with them and recommend them.  Some of their music is here.


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