Review: Trigger Effect and We Are Idols, Laki Zaki, Wrocław 10/5/12

Suddenly it becomes clear to me.  I should go to see concerts, small concerts, by hardcore bands, often, as much as I can and as much as finances allow.

The Trigger Effect at Laki Zaki, Wroclaw

Generally I only go to concerts attended by tens of thousands, and I enjoy them, but there is the negative side that one is far from the band, and there’s plenty posers in the crowd who are not there for the music but are there to stand around looking “cool”, or being there because their boyfriend or girlfriend is there and they stand there contributing nothing to the atmosphere, and where some people start a moshpit, which while moshpits are generally good things are done in a way that distracts from the music.  Concerts like last night’s in Laki Zaki are about the MUSIC, are intimate affairs where one can, indeed, mix your sweat with the sweat of the band on theirs on your bodies.

For that is was happened last night.  I decided to go spontaneously thanks to the shout-out on Falanster‘s Facebook page, and fucking glad I am that I went.  For only 15 złoty and armed with a few pints of Czech beer (5 złoty each) I experienced one of the most energising concerts I have attended.  Both We Are Idols and Trigger Effect totally ruled

We Are Idols

I had seen We Are Idols a few days earlier at the Asymmetry festival and they were actually the main reason why I went.  They describe themselves as being punk rock with influences from Black Sabbath and Black Flag, who are in fact two of my favourite bands.  Actually, in their occasional slow riff moments they remind me of Helmet.  They are from Wrocław.  They produced a solid set of hard music.  They’re a band to look out for.  For an example of a live performance by them check out this link, while more music of theirs can be accessed here.  Support quality music from Poland, not the shite one hears on the radio.

Then came the band from Montreal, Canada, Trigger Effect.  They’re a hardcore/punk kind of band.  They were very impressive.  The singer Nick Babeu is a charismatic singer who really got the crowd going through his forays into the crowd, helped by one of the guitarists who at one stage appeared right next to me while I was headbanging (sorry for hitting your guitar while I was giving it the :Ronniejamesdiosalute:).  As the concert went on BEDLAM began to reign, whereby, despite the small venue crowdsurfing actually happened a few times (at one stage one guy was holding on to the pipes on the ceiling).  Moshing (which Polish people call being in a “mill”) broke out at the front.  In a good energised by the music way.

The concert was such that it flew by very quickly, and what with that and the moshing and sweating and me being somewhat worse for wear for the cheap but good beer I don’t remember much about the concert.  I simply remember a LOT of energy coming from both Nick Babeu helped by a solid and hard rhythms coming from the band behind him, an energy synergised by a crowd that was up for it, and me hugging a complete stranger and later being in a group-jumping-up-and-down-hug with others and the singer, me shouting something incoherent towards the microphone held to us.  It takes a quality band to bring out such bedlam in a crowd and Trigger Effect are that band.

They’re playing Ruda Śląska this evening, and if you’re near to there I strongly recommend you checking them out.  You can hear some of their music here.


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