Review of “Powerless” by We Are Idols

What with the upcoming “Call for Uniteeh” concert in Wrocław this Saturday (the 20th of October) I thought I’d offer you a review of last album of one of the bands, We Are Idols.

Yes, I know, the album came out about eight months ago.  Well better late than never.  As I’ve said before, I discovered them by accident while attending Asymmetry this year and saw them a second time and was impressed so much that I went and bought this album.

But first, a brief (slightly pretentious) reflection on attachments to bands.  You see, I believe that people don’t always like music because of the music itself.  Look at how people in their 30s or older react to songs they knew when they were younger.  They have a good time, but part of it is actually about reliving youthful good memories.  Sometimes the song isn’t good, sometimes it was good but is now dated.  Our attachment to music is more than being about the music itself.  I have seen many young people move to Germany (where I sometimes work, before anyone gets paranoid)  and start liking any old shite band, just because they associate the music with having a good time, and with their friends there who like the same music.

We Are Idols are however a very good band, and one that migrants to Poland should check out; indeed, not just migrants.  I have given then time as they are from Wrocław and this has been time well invested.  They are like for me that which I like in Wrocław that is energetic, hard and fuck-you to conformity (man).  They’re like “Lwówek” or “Amber Pszeniczne”, excellent Polish beers that many people don’t know but should.


So, the album.  It kicks off with the heavy-hitting “Generation Back”.  It starts off at a quick pace, before turning into a Helmet-like heavy slow riffing which I remember got heads moving when I saw them live.  A good beginning.  This is followed by another fast-paced 4/4 song: “Into Despair” which contains some good riffing before turning into a slightly Iron Maidenesque upturn in speed with a solo, before some more crunchy riffs to end with.

“Powerless” starts off with a slow riff before going into classic metal/hardcore territory (Suicidal Tendencies fans should approve).  “Lonesom Freedom” follows that with a mid-paced rhythm and a nicely melodic chorus.  The beginning to the next song”Triangle” reminds me of “Crucify” by the The Almighty.  I doubt We Are Idols have heard of the Scottish rock’nroll’n’metal’n’hardcore outfit, but this song does contain a similar crossover style.

One of my favourite songs by them, “The Eye” follows.  A nicely melodic song that when I’ve seen live goes down a treat.  It contains, like many of their songs an interesting progression within songs, this starting with a rocker before going more reflective towards the end with a nice shouty chorus.

“Modernity and the Holocaust” builds up a nice bit of tension at the start before giving us a nice bit of thrash.  Me being me I like the “Europe was built on mass graves” bit.  “Vanity” is a fastish shouter.  “Weight of Bombs” is mid-paced and contains a nicely melodic chorus.  “Bones of Dogs” is another rocker.  The closer “Guilt” starts off with promise of guitars to come and turns into a noisy rocker, ending the album with a good ol’fashioned guitar solo.

Generally speaking the band contain some quality guitar riffing and solos ably supported by the rhythm section and the singer who manages to be distinctive.  “Powerless” may contain a few songs that don’t stick in my mind, but songs like “Generation Back”, “Into Despair”, “The Eye” and “Modernity and the Holocaust” are excellent songs.  I recommend fans of metal/hardcore crossovers as well as residents of Wrocław to check this band out.  Here you can listen to the album (of course, you know that you will support independent non-commercial music in Poland by buying it :)).

Here you can also listen to their new EP, which contains four covers.  As a fan of Judas Priest I was a bit taken aback by their cover of “Breaking the law” as the Halford melodic line is so strong, but the version is interesting and the “Breaking the law, breaking the law” repeated ending enables We Are Idols to bring out its shouty-let’s-go-and-fuck-the-police (by which I don’t mean sexually) potential.

I hope you see you at the gig.  For only 15 złoty you can see them, as well as other Polish hardcore/metalcore bands, Reality Check, Last Dayz and Sailor’s Grave.


About Czarny kapturek

Singer, political activist, trainer, tour guide, Polish beer lover, frequenter of Bar Mleczny, bird-watcher and football fan
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