Review of Cafe Pestka

Wrocław has seen changes since I moved here over four years ago.  Then there were only two places to get warm vegetarian food, one where one could get vegan food, and only one place where one could buy Fair Trade goods, a place which wasn’t even always open.

Then came Falanster and since then there has been, well not a flood, but at least a decent-sized waves of places opened by people younger than 35 (basically, many of the good initiatives in Wrocław are done by people in that age group) with decent food as well as Fair Trade produce, one of which being Cafe Rozrusznik, and the most recent one being Cafe Pestka (“pestka” means the stone one gets in things like cherries and plums).


It’s on the corner of Wincentego and Trzebnicka, quite close to the Nadodze train station, i.e. it’s easily accessible.  The local area is somewhat run down (though Rita Baum do some cool stuff there) so this is an interesting addition to the area.

The deco is fairly pleasant to the eye and it was a decent size.  I have to admit to not being a big drinker of coffee but enjoyed mine.  I was with someone who had a cappuccino and that tasted good as well.  They had the standard coffees (espresso, americano, latte, white) as well as a few involving different techniques of making coffee.  They also had some (vegan) biccies that I found to be well nice.

The teas (and, if I recall correctly some of the cakes) were Fair Trade products.  Everything else was bought via Direct Trade.

One thing I appreciated was not just the friendly service but also the fact that the staff knew their stuff about coffee.  Many more visited cafes (like in the city centre) have staff who do as much as their jobs requires them and don’t show a love for what they do, but here I felt that they enjoy what they are doing, and this is something which transmits a good atmosphere.  Additionally, the guy serving us spoke fairly slowly and clearly, something I as someone who isn’t fluent in Polish appreciates, as he didn’t jabber his way through the sentence trying to finish it as soon as possible like many do.

I recommend the place.  I prefer going out in that kind of place as it’s outside of the trendy area of town and it’s worth going there, also to check out the local area.


About Czarny kapturek

Singer, political activist, trainer, tour guide, Polish beer lover, frequenter of Bar Mleczny, bird-watcher and football fan
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