Review of Drip of Lies and Heartless gig in Wrocław

Through the website of the excellent We Are Idols I got introduced to the excellent Drip of Lies, a band from Warsaw.  Therefore when they came to Wrocław this week I had to go along.

They are described as a metal/hardcore/crust crossover.  To tell the truth I didn’t know what crust meant (I associate it with The Levellers) and a brief perusal of the internet tells me that it is associated with being political, badass, non-conformity, vegan/vegetarian, squatting, anti-racism, anti-sexism and wearing black.  So, good things then.  This was made clear by the singers mention of the counter-protest against the “march of patriots”, something which I’ve written about a lot on my other blog.

My political sympathies aside I was very impressed with Drip of Lies.  Their songs possess clear quality craftsmanship and are played by people who are musically accomplished.

As should be obvious, I am a hardcore/crust wool who knows very little about the genre, having been a metal fan since 1988.  How to describe them?  Well, for me they are metal in terms of having different sequences with a song with melodic parts, have a groove that gets the head bopping, and have in addition an abrasiveness that is quite, well, pleasant, if you get what I mean.  One can hear them here.

After the concert I bought their eponymous album from 2010, and plan to review it at some stage (yes, I know, it’s a bit late.  Next in the sequence will be the new album from The Beatles called “Abbey Road”).

The headliners were Heartless, from America.  To be honest, it wasn’t easy to follow after Drip of Lies, especially considering that Drip of Lies are known in Wroclaw, but they did well.  I am not sure how many people had heard of them, but they were heard by an increasingly appreciative audience.

They played a very excellent and heavy set that is nicely aggressive when its quick, and when they slow down remind me just a bit of Pantera in their slower moments, unleashing the head in a reflected and intense headbang.  They are a band to look out for.  One can hear their music here.  If you live in Aachen or Giessen they’re playing there this week.


About Czarny kapturek

Singer, political activist, trainer, tour guide, Polish beer lover, frequenter of Bar Mleczny, bird-watcher and football fan
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