International Men’s Day. Positive male role models.

You probably haven’t heard of this day which happens tomorrow (November the 19th).  With this article I was wondering whether to go down the “justifying International Men’s Day by pointing out shocking statistics of male suicide, domestic violence against men and cancer among men” route, or whether to exhort fellow biological males to find fulfillment not in violence but in a healthy concern for diversity in ones local area, but I’ve written many very serious articles lately, and this is the wroclaw warbler, so I thought I’d concentrate on something less serious and talk about positive male role models or things that I consider to be vaguely male.

For positive male role models are important.  As regularly readers will probably know of me by now, a healthy sense of criticism regarding the self or the social group that one belongs to is important, but a sense that there is a sense of goodness to fundamental parts of identity is also important at the same time.  While it is important to give attention to the excellent things done by many women to overcome the imbalance over centuries, let’s not forget the kick-arse stuff that many men do.

So, for me, three people/things.

First of all, Bruce Dickinson.  He is one of my favourite singers.  Iron Maiden produce a music that provides a good outlet for the aggression that comes from testosterone and watching them live is for me the culmination of evolution (I am not exaggerating here).  He is a singer with an impressive range and excellent technique.  That he is operatically trained leads me to also use operatic methods in teaching singing to my clients.

Secondly, well, not a person but an activity, bird-watching.  Birds are of course both male and female, and an activity or inanimate thing cannot have a sex (despite what various New Age people will tell you).  However, I will offer that men face less pressure to be social, and while bird-watching is better with others it can be done alone.  I find it dead calming to be quiet as I try to watch a bird, trying to work out what it is, just me, the sea, the rocks, the air and whatever this bloody bird is.  Whether men face less pressure to be sociable is true or not, bird-watching is ace.

Thirdly, Kenny Dalglish.  Not only was he an excellent player and manger, but he is also an excellent man.  The way in which he supported the families of Liverpool fans who died at the Hillsborough disaster and their subsequent fight for justice makes him someone in football beyond all others.  He was vilified by various people recently because of his support for Luis Suarez, but for me that showed his character of being prepared to be vilified, as he believed what Suarez had said.  Whatever one thinks of that, he is a man who represents decency, loyalty and support, shown in 1989 and beyond.

What positive male models/vaguely male activities do you have?


About Czarny kapturek

Singer, political activist, trainer, tour guide, Polish beer lover, frequenter of Bar Mleczny, bird-watcher and football fan
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4 Responses to International Men’s Day. Positive male role models.

  1. Claudia says:

    Wait… You’re a Liverpool fan???
    Please tell me there’s a whole bunch of Liverpool fans in Wroclaw and it’s safe to come out of the house wearing my Gerrard shirt! All I’ve read so far is that most of the football pub crowd gathering in Wroclaw is made up of Mancs so I was planning to have my usual derby freakout in front of my laptop on Sunday but now…

    • I’ve worn a Liverpool top many times without bother (well, once someone walked into me, but that may not be football related). There are some bad mancs supporting ex-pats, but the ones I know are sound. I’ve watched our games against them in pubs twice and didn’t have bother. Was in Guinness and there was a stag-weekend group from Ireland, mixed fans. In Warka (now “Winnerz”) Polish Liverpool fans dominated. Not that they got angry or anything when Gerrard sent off and Berbetov dived to get them a pen.

      Regarding Poles, well, I believe them to be, by and large, a bunch of wools. People who purport to support (in my experience) Arsenal or Chelsea as they lived in London for a year and consider themselves to be big fans, as they watch on TV them whenever they play in the Champions League and know nothing of Peter Osgood or Liam Brady. There’s plenty of them. They don’t like Liverpool, but they don’t hate them.

      Due to the dire pub situation (they’lll turn off a game at half-time to show Polish motor sports) and wool situation I stay at home as well and watch the games online.

      • Claudia says:

        Thanks for the reply! Sad to hear about the dire pub situation in particular (don’t mind the wools all that much)… I have a friend in Germany who always makes me jealous with her LFC pub stories and how much fun it is to watch a game there and mock the occasional Plastic in the audience, so I guess I was hoping for something similar. Lonely streams it is then… (Come on, City, let’s do each other a favor tomorrow!)

  2. Well so much for that.

    I daresay there are some decent Polish Reds around.

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