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Singer, political activist, trainer, tour guide, Polish beer lover, frequenter of Bar Mleczny, bird-watcher and football fan

Christmas in Poland: An ambivalent experience

Christmas in Poland is pretty nice, isn’t it?  Whether one is Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant or atheist but with traditional families, one faces a feast of good food and colour. While I am not the biggest fan of cabbage and … Continue reading

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International Men’s Day. Positive male role models.

You probably haven’t heard of this day which happens tomorrow (November the 19th).  With this article I was wondering whether to go down the “justifying International Men’s Day by pointing out shocking statistics of male suicide, domestic violence against men … Continue reading

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Review of Drip of Lies and Heartless gig in Wrocław

Through the website of the excellent We Are Idols I got introduced to the excellent Drip of Lies, a band from Warsaw.  Therefore when they came to Wrocław this week I had to go along. They are described as a … Continue reading

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Review of Cafe Pestka

Wrocław has seen changes since I moved here over four years ago.  Then there were only two places to get warm vegetarian food, one where one could get vegan food, and only one place where one could buy Fair Trade … Continue reading

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Review of “Powerless” by We Are Idols

What with the upcoming “Call for Uniteeh” concert in Wrocław this Saturday (the 20th of October) I thought I’d offer you a review of last album of one of the bands, We Are Idols. Yes, I know, the album came … Continue reading

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Review: El Schlong and Guantanamo party program

Last Friday (the 22nd of June) I, distracted somewhat by the Greece-Germany game attended a concert at the Alive club. First up was Guantanamo party program.  They’re a band who have been described as being “post-metal” as well as “apocalyptic … Continue reading

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A guide to beer in Poland

Someone who blogs tends to be someone who is angry (and/or arrogant) enough to believe that they should try to influence it in some way.  On my other blog I write about more serious matters.  Here I try to keep … Continue reading

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